Tortorich Oral Surgery
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Diplomate, ABOMS, NDBA


2/7/2020 4:52:21 PM

Dr. Tortorich teaching nitrous oxide monitoring to the dental assisting students at the University of Arkansas Pulaski Tech.

7/26/2019 3:21:58 PM

6/18/2019 2:26:50 PM

6/13/2019 8:40:36 PM

6/11/2019 2:59:25 PM

5/7/2019 7:21:27 PM

1/28/2019 3:38:51 PM

  • An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon:     Is in the surgical treatment of disease and disorder of the mouth, jaws, face, and associated structures. (Facial trauma and infections, reconstructive procedures, extractions, implants, and dental anesthesia).
  • An Endodontist:  A dentist who specializes in root canal therapy.
  • A Periodontist:   A dentist who specializes in the treatment of gum disease.
  • An Orthodontist:   In the treatment of malocclusions (bad bites) and crooked teeth.
  • A Pediatric Dentist:   In the treatment of pediatric dental patients.
  • A Prosthodontist:     Specializes in difficult restorative cases.





12/17/2018 5:29:39 PM

6/29/2018 5:28:32 PM

Dr. Tortorich, his wife, Torre, daughter Allyson, and son in law Justin all traveled to Europe to visit four countries and 10 cities in twelve days. The trip was a great adventure, but very exhausting. Dr. Tortorich had to go back to work to get some rest.

4/3/2018 5:17:12 PM

Dr. Tortorich and Brandy, financial coordinator, wearing blue on National Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2018.

Brandy has a nephew who has autism.